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Summer Solstice (2014)

An old friend, who we shall call Andrew H, is a filmmaker who I had worked with on a couple of experimental film projects. During the evening of the summer solstice of 2014, he and his girlfriend invited a bunch of people from NYC up to a very rural country locale in Ulster County, NY, where they were having an art exhibition inside a tree house they had built. It was a very small tree house, you had to climb to get up into it and capacity was about 4 people standing. But it overlooked a beautiful creek big enough to swim in.

Later there was a concert and a big bonfire. Locals from the area stopped by, knowing a party when they see one. It was a party I would've really liked to attend. Instead, I decided to bring my new GH4 camera and make this video. Probably not worth it, but I hope some people get something out of seeing a unique slice of urban/rural life in verité style.

The graffiti artist/rap musician is Ellis Gallagher, and the Music Producer/Guitarist/rock skipper's name I've unfortunately forgotten; I think it was Peter. But apparently he's hot shit in the music business. One of the locals that night stumbled into and damaged his guitar, and his Mercedes was damaged by a firecracker or something. Poor dude. He never should have taken that car so off road. Maybe he didn't know how rural Marbletown, NY really was.

The artist who is briefly interviewed and whose work is shown in and around the tree house is Andrew Poneros.

Ted Weinbaum