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A video record of films from my travels.

Florence, Venice, Chinatown.

Timepainting (2002)
Super 8mm film and Mini DV format video

Timepainting is an allegory about the demise of motion picture film, and its replacement by digital technology. It was shot by Margaret Phelan with a consumer Mini DV camcorder, and by me with a super 8mm film camera.

The film element consists of four rolls of super 8mm film, unchanged from how they were first exposed inside a super 8mm camera. Each roll plays out from beginning to end, as if they were being run through a projector in real time. (I am choosing which projection to show you at any one moment, which is where the art goes.) All this ends with the appearance of a quietly terrifying statue of a doctor with a bat-winged baby on his back. (This is from the beautiful and haunting cemetery in back of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte,in Florence).

Then the video images make their appearance, superimposed over repeated "remembrances" of film shots from earlier. The piece ends after the world of grainy film has been completely transformed into the cold but lush world of digital video.

The soundtrack was created by mixing my own field sound recordings with distorted fragments of modernist classical and world music.


Ted Weinbaum